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A new year begins and countless travel adventures and discoveries are already waiting for me. I always rely on a mix of old acquaintances, which I mix with new tours, trails and accommodations, and completely unknown destinations, which should consciously surprise me. Through this kind of planning, a lot of great trips have come together in the last years, which I would like to present to you in my Top 10 for the year 2020. Let’s get started!

Whitehaven Beach

„Believe me, it’s paradise“ Leonardo DiCaprio once said in the Hollywood movie The Beach and meant a bay in Thailand. But the real paradise is a few thousand kilometres further down the road, called Whitehaven Beach and located on the Great Barrier Reef.


This strip of dream world consists almost 100% of quartz sand and is therefore the whitest beach in the world. And one must have seen it at least once in a lifetime. Here is the way to the beach.

Climbing the Breithorn

Besides the pure sightseeing of cities and regions, the activities in nature are always very important to me. There are many hiking trails and there are just a few once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Those who want to go for such an experience should join a mountain guide in Zermatt and climb with the Breithorn a real four-thousander. I did this in the summer time from the Riffelalp Resort and will probably never forget the tour over crevasses and ice fields. Click here for the Riffelalp and Mount Breithorn.


Touchdown in Hong Kong, but instead of taking the train to Hong Kong Island, we took the ferry directly to the gamblers‘ paradise of Macau.

The former Portuguese colony is now an exciting mix of Las Vegas, China and Lisbon. Anyway, during the day you can wander through the old town and visit temples and churches, while in the evening you sit at the blackjack table at the MGM and gamble away your travel money.

Seceda, Dolomites

An Instagram hotspot like out of a picture book screws itself over the mountain ridge. The three thousand metre high Seceda is without doubt one of the highlights of the Dolomites and the view of the peaks of the Geisler group almost takes your breath away.

But South Tyrol is more than just the most beautiful mountain range in the world, as there are magnificent hotels and delicious food. Everything here in this article about the Seceda.


St Petersburg

My first visit to Russia was an extremely pleasant and interesting one, because Saint Petersburg is one of the absolute pearls of Europe. Wow! Great churches, great museums and a uniformly beautiful cityscape.

In addition, there is a young, modern cuisine and lots of secrets to solve. Just think of the Amber Room or the legend of the Romanoffs. You can find all solutions in my article about Saint Petersburg.


The city of Cusco will always have a place in my heart, even if I lose my breath at first because of  the extrem altitude of 3,400 metres.

It is the ideal starting point for tours to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley or the famous Rainbow Mountain. I have done them all so don´t hesitate and write me.

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

For German tourists, the route of the canyons mostly leads to Grand- or Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. The Grand Staircase Escalante, on the other hand, is a true hidden champion, which is mostly accessible via dirt roads and presents the visitor rock formations from another world.

In addition there are slot canyons, which make Antelope Canyon a child’s birthday party. If you are in Utah, here is your adventure playground and if you´re elsewhere, here is the article about the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

You only do something like this once in a lifetime, but it will remain in your heart and bones forever. Over the scenic Machame Route I climbed up to the summit of an „almost“ six thousand meter high mountain and in the end I had considerable problems with the air.

But I made it and saw the vanishing glaciers. If there is one article that I like to read myself again and again, it is the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Ice-covered peaks, mighty glaciers, green alpine meadows and picturesque farmhouses. This is how you imagine Switzerland and this is how you can experience it in its perfection from Grindelwald.

Always in your sights: the famous Eiger North Face, through which you have to travel by train if you want to reach the Top of Europe at the Jungfraujoch. What you can experience there, you can read in my article about Grindelwald.


Lofoten is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and is not called the Canada of Europe for nothing. Beautiful fjords, jagged mountains and lonely hikes await the nature lover.

Plus authentic accommodation and great fish. Let yourself be inspired with my article about the Lofoten.

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