Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel, Mallorca

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In the north, travelers can feel the special spirit of Mallorca. Here you can still find the original villages, secluded hiking trails and crystal-clear bays that we would describe as paradise. On the other hand, you can take a relaxed stroll through boutiques and galleries and dine spectacularly by the sea. Here in the north, you can enjoy life in style without encountering the island’s party cliché.

And in the middle of this paradise lies the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel, perhaps the most casual accommodation on the island. The interior impresses with a mix of cozy design, creative ideas and visual treats that will spice up any Instagram feed.

At reception, you are immediately on first-name terms and get in the vibe of the next few days, because life is better in bikini. The rooms offer an outstanding view of the harbor and function as small paradise units in which you instantly feel at home.

Well-being is the main credo at Bikini, as there are countless niches, terraces, bars and co-working spaces where you can relax, dream, work or simply unwind.

If the sea is still too cold for you in spring, the pool is a heated alternative, and if that’s still not enough, I recommend an infusion in the sauna.

Even though there are hotels in all classes on Mallorca, the Bikini team in Port de Sóller has managed to create something truly unique. Cool, but never loud. Chic but not too fancy. Fresh and young at heart, and always good for a surprise or two. Situated between the mountains, the sea and the harbor promenade, making it an ideal starting point for excursions and tours.

One of these trips takes me to Sa Calobra, where the end point of the famous Torrent de Pareis gorge lies, which magically casts its spell over me.

A breakneck winding road leads twelve kilometers to the sea, which meets high cliffs here in a particularly photogenic way. Although the water shimmers as turquoise as in the Caribbean, the surf makes swimming almost impossible. And so, you sit on the beach, spellbound and fascinated, waiting for the next wave, which is guaranteed to break even more beautifully than the one before.

Continue to Far del Cap Gros, where a solitary lighthouse watches over the entire bay of Port de Sóller and offers one of the most impressive views on the island.

Take a deep breath and enjoy or put the cherry on top of the day and head to Deià, ten kilometers away. Surrounded by holm oaks, this village reflects the perfect Mallorcan mountain village, perched high above the deep blue ocean and offering authentic restaurants and small galleries.

My highlight is the detour to the Ca’s Patro March restaurant in Cala Deià, which was made famous by the TV series „The Night Manager“.

From the terrace, you can look out directly onto the crystal-clear water and watch the swimmers jumping off the rocks. Freshly caught fish and fruity wine are served, which tastes particularly good in this picture-book setting. If you want to top the view, I recommend making a reservation at the NENI restaurant, which is in the Bikini Hotel and looks down onto the marina.

In culinary terms, guests can expect a „pleasant chaos“ of recipes and flavors from modern Tel Aviv cuisine. There is wagyu kebab, the Jerusalem platter with delicious hummus, lamb, and lots of fresh fish. As with everything at Bikini, the same applies here: Try it and rejoice in surprise.

My time in paradise comes to an end with the last sundowner drink and I’m already longing to be here again. Because who knows, maybe there will be another surprise or two waiting for me.

This article was written at the invitation of the Bikini Island & Mountain Resort in Port de Sóller.

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